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Kirkandrews-on-Eden & District WI

The Kirkandrews-on-Eden & District WI local group is a local WI group belonging to the Regional Cumbria-Cumberland Federation of Women’s Institutes

We were formed in December 1950 and several founder members still attend our monthly meetings. We try to offer a wide range of topics with our speakers and demonstrators and we have a very active craft group. A place to socialise with our friends and neighbours.

Both men and women are welcome to attend any of our meetings as guests. If you are interested in listening to a particular speaker then please come along and join us. EVERYONE WELCOME!

We are a small and very friendly group celebrating our 70th anniversary pn 8th Deember 2020.

The Cumbria-Cumberland Federation offers warm friendship and the opportunity to learn together. There is a huge variety of subjects and activities on offer within your local WI or the Federation through the sub committees, whether it is astronomy, photography, creative writing, walking, cooking, craft, music and singing, art, the environment, visiting gardens and historical houses, travel or social occasions. We campaign on National issues and have been very active in our support for continuing the usage of cheques, the honey bee situation, violence against Women and many others.

Click here to view photographs of the planting of a commemoration oak on the centenary of the WI.

70th Anniversary On 8th December 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the Kirkandrews on Eden WI organised an Afternoon Tea Box for each of the Kirkandrews on Eden members which was to be enjoyed simultaneously at 3.30 pm but apart. Glynis Milburn, Treasurer. awarded the 70-year certificates to two of the founding Kirkandrews on Eden WI members, sisters-in-law, Mrs Sadie Bell and Mrs Margaret Roe.


Treasurer Glynis Milburn awarding the 70-year certificates to Sadie bell and Margaret Roe.


Our programme of events includes:-

Demonstrations      Talks given by experts in their field

Open Evenings       Work Shops

Craft Evenings        Social Events

For further information please contact: Kathleen Bowron, President Tel. 01228 575010

WI weekly walking group at Watchtree NR in July 2022

Committee members:

President                                         Glynis Milburn

Vice President + Meet & Greet       Margaret McKenna

Secretary                                        Jean Wharton

Treasurer                                        Glynis Milburn

Programme Secretary                    Jan Tupper

Register, Literature                         Jean Wharton

Press Secretary                              Kathleen Bowron

Sports Secretary                             Jan Tupper

Federation Drawings                       Glynis Milburn

Members of the Kirkandrews on Eden WI


We meet on the second Friday of each Month (except August) usually starting at 7.30pm at Beaumont Parish Hall, Kirkandrews-on-Eden. Check the programme below for the venue and times of the events.

There is ample car parking in the hall car park with disabled parking.

Minutes of meeting held during 2020

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Minutes of meeting in 2018

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Minutes of meeting in 2017

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Members of the WI with Gordon Little at November's meeting.

Photograph of the BBQ in July 2014.

Programmes from previous years

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