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   Hadrian's Wall    7 April, 2014

Hadrian’s Wall Trust is to be wound up over the next 6 months but prior to that, Hadrian's Wall, being a UNESCO World Heritage site, a new management plan and a Statement of Outstanding Universal Value, as a basis for management of the site, has to be drawn up. It was agreed that the current management structure is not working and that the following points needed to be included in the plan:

- an integrated strategy for research, drawing together history, archaeology, geology, flora and fauna, land use, communities and their stories.

- an integrated transport plan across the wall, Hadrian’s Wall Country, and beyond.

- agreed common signage across the wall

-  the ability to take close account of and feed into the strategies and plans of partner organisations, and bodies such as DEFRA.

- a central coordinating or facilitating + fundraising body for the site.

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