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   Carlisle Educational Grants (Registration No. 509357)    7 August, 2022

Who is eligible for a grant?  To apply for a grant you:

* must be aged under 25 on 1st October 2021;

* must be a resident (or your parents are residents) of Carlisle;

* must be:

- due to attend a full time course this autumn at a University or institution of further education; OR

- a graduate undertaking, or wishing to undertake, higher studies or obtain professional qualifications; OR

- a student who has to travel in this country or abroad as part of their course.

How are applications considered?

The Trustees meet twice a year to consider applications. The majority of applications are considered in October each year, to tie in with the start of a new academic year. At the October meeting, the Trustees consider all types of applications, whether for a first degree course or equivalent, a postgraduate or professional course, or an application for a travel grant. The Trustees also meet in March each year when the Trustees usually consider applications for travel grants (travel must be a requirement of the course) and postgraduate or professional courses.

When considering applications, the Trustees will take into account the financial circumstances of parents/students and the extent to which they have the financial means to support their children/themselves.

The Charity invites applications from students that fit the criteria above. However the number of applications that the Trustees are able to support is limited. The Trustees will give priority to students from low-income families. This has, in the past, been regarded as families with a joint income of £21,000 and under. Students with a joint family income above this level are still invited to apply but should be aware that, should sufficient applications be received from families in the low income bracket, it is unlikely that they will receive support.

Any grants made by the Trustees are in addition to grants obtained from other agencies.

How do I apply? Not all applications will qualify, but it will take very little effort to complete the simple application form.

Application forms can be downloaded from the City Council’s website:


and emailed to cec@carlisle.gov.uk or click here to download.

hard copy application forms are available from the Civic Centre, Carlisle, CA3 8QG or can be requested by telephone: 01228 817557

What is the deadline for returning application forms?  Applications forms must be completed and returned no later than 30 September 2021.

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