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   Cumbria Local Government Reorganisation update    26 July, 2021

There is now a formal process in Parliament to take this forward. 

The Secretary of State has made a Written Ministerial Statement announcing he will be seeking Parliamentary approval to implement the proposal that he has selected and start a process to draft a Structural Change Order. He has indicated that the structural change order would be laid at parliament in the turn of the year.

The Structural Change Order provides the legal basis on which to implement the change to local government structures, creating the new authorities from the Vesting Day.

July to October/November 2021

Officials at MHCLG will work with the affected councils in the development of the content of the Structural Change Order.  We, and all other affected councils, will be working with MHCLG to agree and put in place the Programme Management arrangements to deliver the new Councils.

The Order will create ‘Shadow Authorities’ and ‘Shadow Executives’ once it is approved by parliament to sit alongside the existing council structures. These shadow arrangements will make decisions on how the new authorities are constituted.

The Programme Management arrangements will determine how existing officers will work together to create the new Councils e.g. what workstreams and roles are required.  The Programme will include work to develop the new Council operating models.

November 2021 to April 2023

During this time as the new authorities are being designed and constituted the existing councils will continue to operate as normal, providing services and support for residents, businesses and communities.

Once the Structural Change Order has been approved by Parliament, implementation activities will be delivered and preparations will be made for the formal go-live of the new authorities.

A change readiness assessment will take place to confirm all requirements have been met and the new authorities can safely go-live on Vesting Day.

 1 April 2023

‘Vesting Day’ is when the new authorities ‘go live’ and the old councils (predecessor authorities) cease to exist.

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