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   Weekly newsletter from Monkhill Chapel 19th June 2021    19 June, 2021

Good evening everyone, 


Apologies to be so late again; Good Morning to those reading this on Sunday morning.

Taken from the NCMC Facebook page which I thought may interest you:

Julia Aglionby shared a link to the group: Carlisle Refugee Action Group (CRAG).


As some of you know my son, James, has been working in France for Utopia 56 for the last ten months. He is the Donations Coordinator and also distributes food and supplies driving a large white van around Paris!
Today James launched a website to enable anyone to purchase tents, sleeping bags and food to support Utopia 56's work supporting the 5,000 refugees on the streets of Paris. Many are single women, families and unaccompanied children living in dire conditions under flyovers and on wasteland.
If you were thinking of a foreign holiday this year but now cannot travel and so are saving a few ££ perhaps you might consider supporting the amazing work Utopia 56 undertakes?
Please share widely. Thank you for reading.  

The following was posted by David Newlove way back in May for Aldersgate Sunday which is the Sunday nearest to 24 May (traditionally known as 'Wesley Day') or preceding Sunday; It commemorates a life-changing moment in the Christian journey of John Wesley, the most prominent of the founders of Methodism and provides us with a great opportunity to celebrate the work of God in our lives, and to reflect on how we should respond to everything that God has given us. In May 1738, John unwillingly attended worship at a Moravian ‘Religious Society’ meeting on Aldersgate Street in London. It was during this service that he felt his "heart strangely warmed", as he experienced God's love in a most personal and life-giving way. Until then he had known God in his mind, but not in his heart. Now he understood the value of a personal experience of God that would bring assurance of salvation to the believer.

I mention all this because I was taken with the words of John Wesley's prayer written in 1738 but which could have been written yesterday;
"I continue to dream and pray about a revival of holiness in our day that moves forth in mission and creates authentic community in which each person can be unleashed through the empowerment of the Spirit to fulfill God's creational intentions" - a prayer still relevant in our Mission Communities today! May we also know God in our hearts as well as our minds.
I will not be sending out a Chapel NEWS next week as Donald and I (and Bertie) are having a few days away with our caravan to near Sterling (believe it or not we had great difficulty getting anywhere as most caravan sites were fully booked) but I'm sure we will enjoy the break (and the excellent weather usually experienced in Scotland!!!???) Mum is also going on holiday to Silloth to The Good Companions, so good all round!
Remember that the following Sunday, 4th July will be our first Sunday Service since lockdown restrictions eased; 10.30am as usual and led by our Minister, Revd. David Newlove. Please encourage others to celebrate with us the re-opening of Monkhill Chapel.
So until then,
Stay safe and God Bless,
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