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News  »  21st March is Census Day.

   21st March is Census Day.    26 February, 2021

Between 5th and 12th March

Your census pack will arrive by post and will contain;
A unique code to enable access to the census online portal.
An instruction leaflet on how to complete the online return.
The instruction leaflet details the various options for help that are available including a telephone helpline number.

If you are unable, or prefer not to use the online form, you can simply call the helpline number contained within your pack and request a paper form. This form will be sent in the post. Paper forms are also available in large print format.

PLEASE BE AWARE There is no charge for the census. Nobody from the ONS Census team will visit your home before census day. You will never be asked for payment to receive help in completing your return. You will never be asked for your bank details in connection with the census.

Completing your return
You can complete your return as soon as you receive your census pack. You do not have to wait until census day.

The online census form can be completed on a laptop, tablet or internet enabled mobile phone. It cannot be completed on a smart television.

You do not have to complete the online form in one session, you can save your form at any time and return to complete it later, but you will need your unique code each time you access the form.

If you need help completing your return, you can get a family member or someone else you trust to help you or complete the form on your behalf. You can call the helpline number for additional guidance if needed.

After the Census
For over 90% of the population, once you have completed your form online or returned a paper form, there will be no further contact from the ONS.
Some people MAY receive a visit from the ONS after Census Day. There are only two reasons for this may happen;

1. If no paper form or online return has been received after two reminder letters have been sent, you will receive a visit from the ONS to offer help to make your return.

2. After the census a small percentage of the population will receive a visit to enable us to receive your views, opinions and feedback on the census and the process.
If you do receive a visit, the person calling will have an identity badge displaying their photograph and will be wearing a Hi Vis tabard.

Any person visiting you WILL NOT ask to enter your home and they will adhere to all Covid safety measures at all times.

For more information visit www.census.gov.uk www.facebook.com/census2021 www.twitter.com/censusncumbria

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