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News  »  Monkhill Chapel newsletter 13th February 2021

   Monkhill Chapel newsletter 13th February 2021    13 February, 2021
Good evening all at the end of an extremely cold week.
Hope our hearts are warm though.
We need to pray for those directly and indirectly affected by Covid and there are many, some known to us personally
Can we include Marian Proudfoot (and family), Newtown Methodist Church whose husband Alan died after illness a few days ago.
Also we remember Alan Jefferson, Local Preacher, who preached at Monkhill a couple of times when we were able to hold services. Alan's wife died recently.
I had Val Holmes, Local Preacher, on the phone last week asking after my mum and wanting to be remembered to everyone at Chapel. Val has spent some considerable time in hospital recently including over Christmas but is inspirational in her care and thoughts for others so we must remember Val as she, and husband Ken, cope with her illness.
Please also remember our own Glynis Milburn in her role as Funeral Celebrant and her involvement with numerous families in very sensitive situations particularly in these difficult times.
I can confirm that the next Church Council meeting planned for Monday 8 March has been cancelled. The next one will be held in the Autumn so pencil in your diaries the date of Wednesday 20 October, 2pm.
I like poems and see hymns as poems too. The attached hymn "Jesus Christ is Waiting" was sung at our Circuit Zoom Service either last week or the week before. The words/verses struck me as being so appropriate for today during this pandemic - streets empty with people at home (perhaps alone), people angry at the on-going situation, those in healing/caring roles in hospital etc., the joy in people's recovery, the promise of Jesus to those who follow him.
Hope you enjoy reading the words.
Good night and God bless and Hands, Face, Space, Grace.
Jesus Christ is waiting

Tune: Noel Nouvelet

Metre: 11 11 10 11


Jesus Christ is waiting, Waiting in the streets; No one is his neighbour, All alone he eats. Listen, Lord Jesus, I am lonely too. Make me, friend or stranger, Fit to wait on you


Jesus Christ is raging, Raging in the streets, Where injustice spirals And real hope retreats. Listen, Lord Jesus, I am angry too. In the Kingdom’s causes Let me rage with you.


Jesus Christ is healing, Healing in the streets; Curing those who suffer, Touching those he greets. Listen, Lord Jesus, I have pity too. Let my care be active, Healing just like you.


Jesus Christ is dancing, Dancing in the streets, Where each sign of hatred He, with love, defeats. Listen, Lord Jesus, I should triumph too. On suspicion’s graveyard Let me dance with you.


Jesus Christ is calling, Calling in the streets, ”Who will join my journey? I will guide their feet.” Listen, Lord Jesus, Let my fears be few. Walk one step before me; I will follow you.


©1988 WGRG, Iona Community, Govan, Glasgow G51 3UU, Scotland

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