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News  »  Monkhill Chapel newsletter 23rd January 2021

   Monkhill Chapel newsletter 23rd January 2021    23 January, 2021
Hello everyone,
Hope you are keeping safe and warm on this really cold bleak day although the sun has tried hard to get through.
Please note there is an amendment to the attachment I sent last week about Church online and the new fixed log-in details. If you have run these off, please amend the very last passcode for Wednesday evening prayer meeting by adding a 9 to the number given, to read Passcode: 250109  All other details given are correct.
Some fantastic news - the Chapel has purchased, with members' approval, a re-furbished computer from a local reputable source to donate to a school pupil who otherwise has no way of accessing on-line learning which is so essential now that schools remain closed to most pupils. Harold has dealt with this and will let us know in due course where the computer has gone. We know this will make a real difference to some young person and we thank God that Monkhill Chapel has been able to play a part in it.
Taken from the NCMC facebook page is the following quote by John Wesley and wouldn't it be wonderful if all people did this?
        “Do all the good you can,
        By all the means you can,
        In all the ways you can,
        In all the places you can,
        At all the times you can,
        To all the people you can,
        As long as ever you can.”
I know the current news about infections is quite daunting and worrying so I thought I would share this with you again.
St. Teresa of Avila wrote a beautiful poem during her lifetime that has been used as a prayer throughout the centuries. It is simple in its format, which is why many turn to it in times of distress. If you are feeling afraid or anxious right now, consider praying this prayer, opening your heart to God and adding your own words, invoking God’s help in your hour of need.
Let nothing disturb thee,
Nothing affright thee;
All things are passing,
God never changeth!
Patient endurance
obtains to all things;
Who God possesseth
in nothing is wanting;
Alone God sufficeth.              Source: Celtic Daily Prayer
Also remember,
God is with Us
and  Hands, Face, Space, Grace
Goodnight to you all,
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