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News  »  Monkhill Chapel newsletter 9th January 2021

   Monkhill Chapel newsletter 9th January 2021    9 January, 2021

Good evening everyone and welcome to the first Chapel News of 2021.

We are now in the first week of the latest lockdown and are facing a really serious situation regarding new infections and hospitalisations so it is vital that we all follow the strict guidelines and stay safe.

Church Stewards have just received the following e-mail from David Newlove:


Dear All,

I have received a letter today (attached) from James Tebbutt, our Chair of District. This response comes after a zoom conference for all Ministers within the District last Wednesday.

In the letter James states:

We, the superintendents, ministers and I, all recognise that, even when a preaching plan has been suspended, the decision to open for worship is ultimately that of the local trustees, and this letter does not seek to suggest or presume otherwise. However, collectively we feel that it is unwise for any church to open for general public worship at this time, and we therefore recommend that all churches be closed.


Please share the letter more widely if you feel it will be helpful.

Whilst I write can I remind you of our Church Online (flyer attached). This is one way that Church members and others can remain in touch. We will be looking at how we can develop this offer over the next couple of weeks. If you have any good ideas of other things that we can do in this time please do not hesitate to let us know.

Many thanks and stay safe.



Regarding Church on-line, I also attach Zoom log in details and telephone dial in details with meeting IDs and passcodes for all of this week's events. These log in details change every week and are available from Ministers, the Circuit Administator and Church Stewards. Can I draw your attention to Hub Meetings (page 2). We are in the Solway Hub together with Dalston, Thurstonfield and Thursby (and Port Carlisle). There is an on-line meeting on Thursday evening at 7.30pm to which all members and adherents are invited to discuss ways forward in working together more closely with the aim of reducing the administrative burden on each individual Church. Please join in if you are able on-line or by telephone as your opinion does matter.


The following are taken from the NCMC Facebook page:


Hands, Face, Space, Grace  - Jesus said love your neighbour as yourself (Matthew ch 22 v 29)

We know times are difficult and confusing but be kind, be gracious and be loving with one another and yourself.

Show grace to those around you to keep each other safe.


3 questions, 1 challenge:

1. Who can I encourage?

2. Who can I help?

3. What am I thankful for?

Worth a thought! That's all for this week folks so Hands, Face, Space, Grace.

Goodnight and God Bless,


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