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   Beaumont Parish Plan    11 January, 2019

Over the last 6 years, the Parish Council have been busy implementing the ideas and suggestions you put forward. Amongst these:

  • We now have an extremely useful and informative website used by locals and tourists
  • The Pound has been developed and is now regularly used as a picnic area
  • Parishioners now have the opportunity to present their concerns at Parish Council meetings
  • The roads are being more regularly maintained
  • We have continued to help to fund the valuable services and facilities provided by the Parish Hall and Grinsdale Hall
  • A library service has been provided at the Drovers Rest
  • Traffic speeds have been monitored throughout the parish and a speed indicator device is about to be installed
  • Toilet facilities have been provided at the Parish Hall during the walking season
  • A Summer Playscheme has been run each year
  • We have even obtained the services of an ice cream van!


It is now 7 years since that original survey was carried out and it is time for the plan to be renewed. For this we need to put together a steering group to carry out a new survey and develop a parish plan to take us into the next decade. If you live in the parish and are interested in safeguarding all that we treasure in our community and making it a place for all ages to live and enjoy, then we would like to invite you to join this group.

If you would like to be involved, then please contact the Parish Clerk, Isobel Elsdon, on 01228 522540

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