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   One of our wheelie bins is missing!    3 September, 2017

As you probably know, Beaumont Parish Hall is nearing the end of its life and has to be replaced. The hall committee are raising £2500 to get plans drawn up for a new hall. This August, there have been three Sunday afternoons teas which have raised over £270 towards this project. We would like to thank all those who have supported us.

Sadly, also during August, one of the wheelie bins was taken from behind the hall and was replaced with a small metal drum. Litter from the overflowing drum was being blown around the hall field. The wheelie bins are used not only by the hall but also by the many walkers who pass through the Parish and kindly bin their rubbish, rather than dropping it to be blown into our gardens.

The Parish Hall Committee has had to spend £39 of the £270 raised to replace the missing bin. A donation of £39 would be gratefully received from the person who has taken the bin. This can be done anonymously.

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