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   Enough Fire Alarms?    7 August, 2017

Fire statistics indicate that the biggest reason for both battery-operated and mains-wired smoke alarms failing to activate in a fire is that the fire products do not reach the detector. This raises three potential avenues for encouraging smoke alarm ownership throughout CFRS’s August campaign.


  • Targeting the 11% who don’t own a working smoke alarm.
  • Targeting those who do to ensure they have enough around their home – at least one on every level and near rooms with particular risks – one is not enough!
  • Targeting carers and those living near less able family members to check that these homes have enough working smoke alarms in the right places.


How old are your alarms?

It is widely accepted in the fire sector that smoke alarms have a lifetime of 10 years. The need to replace alarms is not widely known and many people will be reluctant to replace an alarm, especially if they believe it still works. This campaign theme provides an opportunity to inform people of the need to replace alarms every 10 years.


Off to university?

Also with September fast approaching and with prospective first-year students getting ready to live independently away from home for the first time, the summer holidays provide a chance to remind the 2017 students of the need to ensure they have appropriate smoke detection coverage in their new accommodation. If the property is a private landlord then it is their responsibility to provide, fit and test them before the new students arrive and settle in.


Requesting a Safe & Well visit

To request a Safe & Well visit contact CFRS on 0800 358 4777 or email hart@cumbria.gov.uk.

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